Can Mobile Phones Become Credit Cards?

B.J. Kharrazi : August 3, 2010 12:18 PM : Blog

Sources: Bloomberg News &

Major cellphone carriers AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are beta-testing new features intended to “supplant more than 1 billion plastic cards in American wallets” – by allowing subscribers make credit card buys using their mobile phones!

It’s already happening in Japan, Turkey and the U.K., with cellphones being waved over an in-store reader to consumate purchases. “This is definitely a game-changer,” an analyst told Bloomberg news, saying that already cellphone carriers are “the biggest recurring billers in every market. They are experts at processing payments.” And the concept is already being cheered on by retailers. “We have long argued that real competition is missing from today’s payments market,” one industry spokesperson added.

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Small Business Social Media Use Surges AGAIN

B.J. Kharrazi : July 23, 2010 12:12 AM : Blog

The number of small businesses using social media to market, brand, advertise, and promote is still surging.

Frank Reed at Marketing Pilgrim writes: “It’s good to see the little guy get more involved with social media. Unlike search marketing (in particular paid search) social media allows for some true creativity and because of its relatively low cost (notice I didn’t say free) the small business has less of a chance of getting burned. I can’t tell you how many times I speak to SMB’s who bemoan how much money they have spent on paid search and have seen no return. Social media opportunities are a breath of fresh air to these people.”

More small businesses use Twitter, Facebook to promote July 22, 2010 – SAN FRANCISCO / USA TODAY — A surge in social-media use by small businesses reflects a shift in how they operate and their comfort with increasingly easy-to-use technology.

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Mobile Credit Card Processing – Merchant Use Growing

B.J. Kharrazi : July 11, 2010 6:24 PM : Blog

From American Banker June 24, 2010: With preferences for carrying and using cash continuing to drop, more consumers expect merchants to accept debit or credit cards for payment. But not all merchants do, especially those that lack physical storefronts. Some industry insiders believe mobile-based products might help encourage them to accept electronic payments.

Indeed – Judging from the discussions among peers at recent industry conferences and the spate of mobile-based products and services entering the market, the topic is on the minds of many in the industry as they consider their business plans.

Today, business owners on the go have more options, when it comes to processing credit card transactions, with smart-phone and cell phone credit card processing applications offering the potential for higher sales, faster collections and many fewer bad debts.

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What About the FREE Credit Card Machine Deal?

B.J. Kharrazi : June 27, 2010 2:55 AM : Blog

No longer are the days when credit card terminals cost a lot to purchase or lease. Many seemingly legitimate merchant service processors hawk free credit card machines.  The Internet is thoroughly spammed with FREE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING TERMINAL come-ons.

Are free credit card machine offers legit and worth it?

Free Credit Card MachinesOften they are NOT.  Many unsuspecting merchants are falling prey to ‘aggressive’ merchant service agents. There is no such thing as a free lunch, or a free $500 wireless credit card machine, it would appear.

So what’s the catch with the free credit card machine offers?

Simple – no merchant account, no free credit card machine. But even more germane, it’s “free,” but you don’t own it, and it actually costs you more. Sounds like a riddle, yes?

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Small Business Social Media Engagement

B.J. Kharrazi : May 27, 2010 4:32 AM : Blog

Source:  Wise Research Ltd

social media networks and credit card processingThere has been a major change in the way consumers listen to and engage  with brands, with only 5% overall (4% in the UK and 6% in the US) saying  they trust advertising messages and 8% (9% in the UK and 6% in the US)  believing what companies say about themselves, according to a survey report published by Alterian.

The report, ‘Your brand: At risk or ready for growth?’, penned by Professor Michael Hulme from the Social Futures Observatory, estimated that this lack of consumer trust in brand messaging equated to nearly US$426 billion being spent on ineffective advertising in 2009 alone. mdalton This article is copyright 2010

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The Referral Engine Reviewed

B.J. Kharrazi : May 26, 2010 11:43 AM : Blog

Most business owners believe that whether customers refer them is entirely out of their hands. But science shows that people can’t help recommending products and services to their friends—it’s an instinct wired deep in the brain.

The Referral Engine by John Jantsch | 1st National Credit Card Processing Blog Review

And smart businesses can tap into that hardwired desire.

Marketing expert John Jantsch offers practical techniques for harnessing the power of referrals to ensure a steady flow of new customers. Keep those customers happy, and they will refer your business to even more customers. Some of Jantsch’s strategies include:

Talk with your customers, not at them. Thanks to social networking sites, companies of any size have the opportunity to engage with their customers on their home turf as never before—but the key is listening.


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Mobile Payments Market to Quadruple by 2014

B.J. Kharrazi : May 25, 2010 12:06 AM : Blog

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the value of mobile payments for digital and physical goods, money transfers and NFC (Near Field Communications) transactions will reach almost $630bn by 2014, up from $170bn this year, representing the gross value of all purchases or the value of money being transferred.

mobile payment processingThe mobile payments report revealed that growth across all market segments was being driven by the wide adoption of Smartphones and the increased use of apps stores. In addition SMS ticketing schemes such as those offered by OBB Austrian Railways and Skane Traffic in Sweden were also important developments. Shopping by mobile at stores such as Amazon Mobile is also tipped for significant expansion over the next five years.

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2010 SBA National Small Business Week Kicked-Off

B.J. Kharrazi : May 23, 2010 5:31 PM : Blog

      Sources: LegalZoom Blog & Small Business Administration

2009 National Small Business Week (cc) Shashi Bellamkonda Social Media Swami Network Solutions

 In all, over 100 small business owners from around the country will be recognized for their efforts as a driving force in the nation’s economy. Featured guest speakers will include the following:

– Karen Mills, Administrator of the SBA

– The Honorable Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation

– The Honorable Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

– JJ Ramburg of MSNBC’s Your Business

– Scott Griffith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zipcar

Along with the award presentations, other sessions planned include those on social media, using innovation to create jobs, and taking your business global. Those three sessions are free to attend, but you must register ahead of time.

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