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    Our full service dental office at the heart of Los Angeles has been enjoying the fabulous customer service that 1st National Processing provides. Our merchant account savings, since switching to them last year, have been tremendous and we continue to refer them to other dental & medical professionals that we work with.

    Dr. Neil McLeod
    West Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist
    1st National's Wireless credit card machine, has helped us increase our business, offer convenience to our customers, and make us feel on the cutting edge of the payment technology ! Can you believe 2 brothers, with separate Electrical and Painting businesses sharing the same wireless machine?

    Nick Mendoza & Joel Mendoza
    R & N Electric & Painting

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BizEdge Advantage Blog
   Aren’t most doctors selling a service and, thus, just like any other vampire merchant?

Friday, July 3rd, 2009  |  5 comments  |  Groucho

In that case, why would anybody expect them to do anything other than charge whatever the traffic will bear and, if possible, seek political influence to protect their trade?

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