Zero Pay Processing

With 1st National Zero Fee Processing your business has the best solution to accept credit cards online, onsite, or on-the-go with little to no fees.  Credit card processing is essential to your business, but doesn't need to hurt your bottom line. Our program will offset most processing fees providing a ZERO FEE Processing Solution.

How Is Zero Fee Credit Card Processing Possible?

A 2013 a federal court ruling in the U.S. now allows business owners relief from high credit card fees. The Frank-Dodd Act and other rulings now hold that businesses have the right offset credit card fees with either a Surcharge or Cash Discount Program.  These programs help offset the interchange fees traditionally paid by businesses. 

Both programs have a 4% cap on pass thru fees.  1st National's Zero Fee Solution utilizes special apps integrated right into your payment terminal or platform of choice.  Collecting credit card payments has never been easier!  Most businesses see over 95% in processing savings immediately.
Categories of merchants utilizing this Zero Fee solution include:


**States Not Applicable For Surcharge Program: California, Maine, Florida, Kansas, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, & Colorado
**All States Allowed For Cash Discount Program (See More HERE)