Google Local Business Center Renamed to Google Places

B.J. Kharrazi : April 21, 2010 2:21 AM : Blog

Source: Don Reisinger | LA Times & Google Blog

Google has renamed its Local Business Center to Google Places and added a few new features, the company announced Tuesday.


Don Reisinger in LA Times Blog writes: “Google Places is designed for business owners. The tool allows entrepreneurs to create a listing for their business containing their company’s address, a brief description of the markets in which it operates, their company’s website, and more. The basic idea behind Place pages is to help Web searchers find local companies and for those local companies to attract customers through Google Search.”

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Facebook Traffic Beats Google

B.J. Kharrazi : April 19, 2010 11:10 AM : Blog

Sources: Steve Rubel & San Jose Mercury News

Facebook referrals beat GoogleWe’re at the beginning of a major shift in how we find, consume and interact with information. If the 2000s was the Google decade, then the 2010s will be the Facebook decade. Already, you can see the writing on the wall – pun intended. Look at the data.

According to Web measurement firm Compete Inc., Facebook has passed search-engine giant Google to become the top source for traffic to major portals like Yahoo and MSN, and is among the leaders for other types of sites.

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The Leverage of Accepting Credit Cards

B.J. Kharrazi : March 29, 2010 5:56 AM : Blog

business process visa and mastercard payments los angelesIf you want to have a successful business you must know how to treat it properly. When you do the necessary thing at the beginning, it develops and matures the way it’s supposed to. This takes place based on the efforts you sow into your online business. There are many existing techniques you an use to drive in results that allow your business to grow. As the saying goes…. ‘What you put in, is what you get out.’

Accepting credit cards and processing is a good method to implement into your online business. It will help increase the growth of your Internet business. A large percentage of people on the net today purchase products and services via means of credit card. It is a prime method of payment. The option raises the probability of a purchaser’s impulse to claim what you’re offering. It can happen on a frequent basis if you hold a good reputation in the field.The process today is simple. Merchant account providers make it easy to successfully activate your account.

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The Importance of Having An Online Merchant Account for Your Business

B.J. Kharrazi : March 29, 2010 5:50 AM : Blog

Online merchant account plansWhether you know it or not, but unless you have a merchant account for your business, you may cripple it by not having the right merchant payment plan in your corner. If you want to know the importance of merchant accounts, you must first know about them and what exactly they have to offer you.

To put it clearly and simply, a merchant account is a bank account. It is an account that allows you to accept payment via credit cards from your clients. During the event of having an active merchant, the customer or client pays you with their credit card, the information is then processed. After this occurs, the finances from the card are placed into your merchant account or bank account. At this point, you are able to transfer your funds from your merchant directly into your personal checking account.

While living in the digital age, less people are using cash to pay for their goods. People don’t want to wait to send money in the mail and have to wait days or even weeks to receive something they have ordered. When you pay by credit card, it’s an instant transaction. Let’s face it, if you cannot offer what customer’s are seeking, you will lose your customer to one of your competitor’s. The point here is to get a live merchant account so you don’t give up on any business and pass up on making a profit.

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Beware of the Inflated Risks with Merchant Accounts

B.J. Kharrazi : March 15, 2010 6:12 AM : Blog

Merchant Accounts

You will encounter quite a few banks and processors who believe specific types of businesses are considered high contingency. The different businesses that I’m referring to include: Internet Merchant Accounts, Telemarketing Merchant Accounts, Pharmacy Merchant Accounts, Travel Merchant Accounts, and E-Commerce Accounts.

The reason why banks and other merchants see the accounts as high risk is because the large amount of charge backs, violating legalities, constant returns, and negative publicity for dealing with such businesses. Merchant accounts are most often very high-risks and find it complex in opening a merchant account.

Strict laws apply to the banks and processors for such actions that take place. Too many scams from various countries are embezzling money through companies and personal transactions. This is a primary reason why the laws are very stringent. Banks will not bend the way they used. People who have abused the opportunity years ago have made it very difficult for people today to open up such accounts.

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