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Merchant Gateway Credit Card Processing Los AngeleseProcessingNetwork enables merchants to accept credit cards on a secure, real-time basis from their Web site, through Mobile devices and directly from their place of business.

merchant payment gateway los angeles credit card processingThe latest, most sophisticated digital encryption is used to transmit information, and direct communication lines are used to obtain real-time authorizations, ensuring the accuracy and validity of each transaction. Plus, merchants get the added convenience of having funds deposited directly to their bank account.

How eProcessingNetwork Works –

1. Merchant’s transaction requests are submitted to the eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway, which passes the requests to each cardholder’s Issuing Bank via the merchant bank’s processor.
merchant card processing internet gateway los angeles

2. Issuing Banks respond to requests based on the status of each cardholder’s account.

3. eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway returns the response back to the merchant and stores the transaction.The whole process takes seconds!

4. eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway periodically transmits approved transactions to each merchant’s Merchant Service Provider.

5. Merchant Service Providers fund the transactions to each merchant’s own checking account.

Additional Fraud Protection

Address Verification and Card Verification Value (CVV2) Services are performed to reduce the chance of fraud and charge-backs. Merchants can limit the number of times Internet customers can attempt a transaction, and can configure their eProcessingNetwork account to accept transactions only if the customers’ AVS and CVV2 data was entered correctly.

The entire process is simple and convenient. eProcessingNetwork offers reliable and secure credit card transaction processing services and professional support every step of the way.

Our Testimonials

1st National's Wireless credit card machine, has helped us increase our business, offer convenience to our customers, and make us feel on the cutting edge of the payment technology ! Can you believe 2 brothers, with separate Electrical and Painting businesses sharing the same wireless machine?

Nick Mendoza & Joel Mendoza
R & N Electric & Painting
I see patients in multiple offices around the city every week. 1st National's machine & service has allowed me over the past 3 years, to get paid on site after visiting my patients and even after performing Lasik surgery which I have written a book about!

Ronald Smith, MD, MPH, FACS
Lazik Surgery by Dr. Ronald Smith