Business Owners May Get Credit Card Surcharge Rights

B.J. Kharrazi : July 20, 2012 1:54 AM : Blog

visa-mastercard credit card processing and merchant servicesAfter a 12 months of litigation, business owners may finally get the go-ahead to apply surcharges to customers paying with credit-card.

Whenever a customer pays with credit cards, the merchant pays for the privilege to swipe the card. But that soon could change.

According The Wall Street Journal, a number of merchant-filed lawsuits against the credit card companies Visa and MasterCard may result in a settlement that will allow merchants to impose a surcharge on customers paying with plastic.

Presently, both Visa and MasterCard have prohibited businesses from applying a customer surcharge. But this surcharge, the business owners argue, is important because it could cover the transaction fee they must pay to the credit card companies for every swipe.

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The Importance of a Good Credit Card Processing Account

B.J. Kharrazi : July 8, 2012 3:37 PM : Blog

Credit Card Processing & merchant accounts

When opening a business, it’s important to set it up for success. Using a good credit card processing company can make a huge difference. It’s not good enough to just accept cash or check anymore. So many consumers carry credit and debit cards, and many don’t carry much cash at all. Not accepting credit and debit cards could cut your profit in half or more.

Many businesses that lose the ability to accept credit and debit cards on a temporary basis, struggle to make the profit they are used to. However, if you choose a good company to help you process your credit card payments, you won’t need to worry about anything. They will give you the support you need even if there is a temporary issue.

With consumers switching to a cashless wallet, you need to prepare your business for success with the ability to accept credit cards. If you don’t, you could miss out on many benefits.

The Top Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

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Merchant Processing Can Take Your Business to a New Level

B.J. Kharrazi : June 18, 2012 1:11 PM : Blog

Merchant ProcessingIt’s no secret that taking your business online can really help you increase your profits and exposure. However, you cannot accept cash for items or services online, so you need a merchant processing company to help you take credit and debit cards. With one of the many types of merchant accounts, you can accept the types of payments you need to take online.

When starting a new business or taking a current business online, you may have questions about how a merchant account works and what you need. This is normal and you should do your research before you choose the company for your credit card processing. Here are a few of the most common questions with the right answers.

A Few Questions and Answers about Merchant Accounts

1. How can I set up a merchant account?

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The Top 5 Reasons For Accepting Credit Cards

B.J. Kharrazi : June 13, 2012 6:51 PM : Blog

Top Reasons for accepting credit cardsWith the Internet at your fingertips in today’s digital age, making payment(s) by means of credit card is becoming more popular than ever before. It is the most requested method of payment.

When you purchase something on Amazon, eBay, or any e-commerce site, you’ll notice they accept credit cards. Another term for it would be called merchant accounts. Merchants are growing exponentially in today’s technology. It’s the wave of the future for accepting payments on the Internet.

SmartPhones, iPads, and laptops have the capability to pay for merchandise remotely by supplying your credit card information and your shipping address.

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How Credit Card Processing Can Benefit Your Online Business

B.J. Kharrazi : May 3, 2012 1:07 PM : Blog

Online Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing allows you to do more with your online business. It can be very difficult to accept payments online if you don’t have a way to accept credit cards. This means you need to use some type of merchant account. The decision to use one of many different types of merchant accounts depends on what type of business you run online and the volume of sales you expect.

If you are just starting out, you may only need an online merchant account. By finding a service provider online, you can avoid paying an expensive set up fee. You can also avoid leasing or purchasing any equipment for processing the credit cards. The merchant account provider you choose should supply you with shopping cart software or a way to integrate their payment processing into the software you already use.

You will need to pay some type of monthly fee and transaction fee. If you don’t know how many transactions you will process every month, you may want to opt for a smaller transaction fee and larger monthly fee, at first. Once you get an idea of the amount of transactions your website will process every month, you can figure out which fee schedule will benefit you the most.

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iPad Powered Cash Register is Awesome

B.J. Kharrazi : November 22, 2011 10:35 AM : Blog

Recently we added the new ShopKeep iPad-powered POS and Cash Register system to our service wares.  Is it a hot commodity? Read more about it on our Powered By ShopKeep page.

Report from WCBS New York

One Brooklyn wine shop and grocery store is uncorking the wave of the future.

“We never anticipated that we would be in tech,” says Amy Bennett, who runs the Greene Grape in Fort Greene.

But that was before things got frustrating.

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Some businesses curtail credit card acceptance

B.J. Kharrazi : November 1, 2011 3:16 PM : Blog

When you make a credit card purchase for $100, it costs the merchant about $1.00 in processing fees. It’s unclear why card issuers think they deserve a 2% cut.

Credit Card Processing and MerchaNT services Los AngelesMost of the attention in recent months has been focused on fees for processing debit cards.  However, in early July, the Federal Reserve limitedd the base charge that can be imposed to 21 cents per transaction, on average — well below the current average of 44 cents.

The processing fees in question are known as interchange fees, and they’re a major source of revenue for card companies like VISA and MasterCard.  Merchants and consumer groups alike have long challenged the fees for being too high and out of proportion with the actual cost of processing transactions.

Banks contend that they need such fees to maintain the integrity of their computer networks as well as to fund anti-fraud efforts.

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8 Tips for Merchant Credit Card Processing Account Safety

B.J. Kharrazi : October 15, 2011 2:36 PM : Blog

Credit Card Fraud in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles merchant credit card processing account is critically important to your business’s success. In addition to being able to accept cash and checks for payment, it enables you accept debit and credit card payments. However, while there’s many great benefits in accepting credit cards, there are also potential pitfalls. A few things that you need to consider in order to avoid fraud and charge backs follow.

  • Exercise caution in your International transactions. I’ve had problems with Eastern European, some Asian and other developing nations. The major culprits in fraudulent purchases live in those areas. Be especially wary of an order for a large quantity of high priced items.
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