Custom Printed Paper Rolls

We offer custom preprinted paper rolls for all types of receipts include custom printed thermal paper rolls, custom printed single bond paper rolls, and custom printed 2-ply carbonless self-duplicating paper rolls. You can design the printing and goes on each roll and this preprinting can be on thermal paper rolls or regular (bond) rolls.

Custom text and your logo are just some of the preprinting on paper rolls that we offer to produce a custom looking receipt. You can choose to preprint a return policy, a watermark to prevent copying of your receipts. Your can select from hundreds of different colors to have your custom preprinted information and/or logo printed in. Each preprinted paper roll can have the preprinting done in more than one color as you get to give your customers the custom receipt preprinted with your information that helps them remember your business as well as be aware of your policies.

Note that for each different color selected for printing, the cost of your custom preprinting paper roll will increase so keep this in mind as you work on your print design logo and/or text.