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One of the most useful items a merchant can use is an Imprinter.  With a Swiped Transaction, it can provide you with:

Chargeback Protection – Imprinters can actually prevent and diminish loss due to a fraud-based chargeback.

Backup Device – Imprinters provide backup capability if you are out of wireless range, or if WiFi is not available. When running swiped transactions on your PDA, for instance, if you were out of range – a manual imprint gives you a permanent copy of the cardholder information should your PDA be lost, stolen, or damaged before you get back in range.

System FailuresElectronic swipe terminals help you provide fast, efficient service for your customers. However, electronic terminals periodically fail because of high volumes at the authorization centers, power failures, downed phone lines, or any number of situations. During this time, imprinters provide the important backup you need to help your business operate smoothly.

Customization – Imprinters can be customized with your designated color or logo. Logos can be applied to the imprinters in four different ways: hot stamping, silk screening, hot stamp transfers, or labels. Customization contributes to your corporate identity and image at the point of sale.
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I see patients in multiple offices around the city every week. 1st National's machine & service has allowed me over the past 3 years, to get paid on site after visiting my patients and even after performing Lasik surgery which I have written a book about!

Ronald Smith, MD, MPH, FACS
Lazik Surgery by Dr. Ronald Smith
We make signs all over town and switching to 1st National from another processor has allowed us to save money every month and improve our service by accepting debit cards, upgrade our terminals and run our online store via their ecommerce options. We recommend them to your for Processing and more.

Chris Nalbadian, President
Sign Zone Inc.