Payment Gateway + Smartphone software = 

MOBILE + E-COMMERCE + RETAIL + MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order)

Option One:  $19.65 per month ($15.99 w/ 24 mo service contract)

Package includes everything you’ll need to accept credit cards via your phone, mail order, internet website (Linked to a shopping cart) or even your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphones!  Get started today by completing our Pre-Application form below, or call us toll free at 1-888-925-5787

• Merchant Account

• Virtual Terminal

• Authorize.Net Gateway

– Accept Credit Cards, process voids, refunds, credits, all via your computer and your Virtual Terminal
– Use your gateway to connect your account to your mobile phone
– Completely compatible with Authorize.Net (login via the Authorize.Net home page)
– Accept Payments via your website shopping cart
– No gateway transaction fees

• Smartphone software

– Accept Credit Cards via your iPhone, Google Android, or BlackBerry
– Sends email receipts to your customers!


Option Two:  $19.65 per month + $19.99 one time feemanual credit card imprinter

Includes the manual imprinter, plate and slips for any location!

– Credit Card Imprinter
– 300 Credit Card Slips
– Imprinter plate