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January 14, 2018 B.J. Kharrazi

Today we’ll discuss 5 popular ways to accept credit card payments on your ibsite. The options i share with you includes payment page links, payment page builders, e-commerce solutions and custom solutions alike. So if you’re brand new to putting payments on your ibsite, or you’ve never done this before, or you’ve already done it more »

January 4, 2018 B.J. Kharrazi

Currently companies like Visa and MasterCard charge upwards of three and sometimes four percent for the pleasure of taking credit processing fees that business owners have been paying accept customer credit purchases. Currently card holders are lured with 2% cash back programs and even the fancy travel and airline mileage programs, however it is the more »

January 1, 2018 B.J. Kharrazi

Are you having trouble understanding your merchant account are you confused about the rates and fees and how you’re being charged, if so this post will explain how it all works you don’t need to know every little detail about credit card processing you just need to know enough to delegate the task to a more »

July 30, 2013 B.J. Kharrazi

Business owners often face the need for fast financing in order to keep operations afloat. Los Angeles Credit Card Processing is often an ideal solution for the business owner who is need of a quick financing solution at a low rate. Merchant cash advances offer the opportunity to obtain a fast cash advance in exchange more »

August 13, 2012 B.J. Kharrazi

Processing credit cards on the Internet is a much required form of payment when buying products or services online. If you’re a business owner, it’s crucial you have a merchant account. People feel secure with merchant accounts that allow credit card processing. Buyers and sellers have different advantages and disadvantages when using your credit card. more »