Author: B.J. Kharrazi

November 22, 2011 B.J. Kharrazi

Recently we added the new ShopKeep iPad-powered POS and Cash Register system to our service wares.  Is it a hot commodity? Read more about it on our Powered By ShopKeep page. Report from WCBS New York — One Brooklyn wine shop and grocery store is uncorking the wave of the future. “We never anticipated that more »

November 1, 2011 B.J. Kharrazi

When you make a credit card purchase for $100, it costs the merchant about $1.00 in processing fees. It’s unclear why card issuers think they deserve a 2% cut. Most of the attention in recent months has been focused on fees for processing debit cards.  However, in early July, the Federal Reserve limitedd the base more »

October 15, 2011 B.J. Kharrazi

A Los Angeles merchant credit card processing account is critically important to your business’s success. In addition to being able to accept cash and checks for payment, it enables you accept debit and credit card payments. However, while there’s many great benefits in accepting credit cards, there are also potential pitfalls. A few things that more »

September 9, 2011 B.J. Kharrazi

1. Know your Business Type Visa/Mastercard use pricing indicators or business types to apply discounts toyour rates. In the beginning, Visa/Mastercard used to charge one rate for everyindustry. Some industries refused to accept credit cards because they thoughtthe rates were to high and cut into too much profit margin. Supermarkets wereone of the biggest holdouts. more »

August 18, 2011 B.J. Kharrazi

While online video marketing is one of the world’s most effective online advertising formats, the Internet is the fastest growing segment in Online Marketing; when you put Video Marketing and the Internet together you have the most powerful combination today for small business advertising. The Internet Video Marketing trend is growing exponentially. The longer your more »

August 9, 2011 B.J. Kharrazi

Source: Catalyst QuickBooks Accounting The “Cloud” is comprised of many different solutions and all of the providers that deliver Cloud products are experts on their own product or service.  Our Cloud provider – Cloud9 Real Time – has assembled the leading Cloud solution providers to come together and provide an opportunity to learn much at more »

July 9, 2011 B.J. Kharrazi

Small business owners excel in a DIY mode: Do anything and everything you can do yourself and don’t pay for anything new until you absolutely must. It’s especially tough to rationalize hiring financial help like a full-time or even an outsourced accountant or bookkeeper. With so-called “user-friendly” financial software like QuickBooks available, many business owners more »